Deluxe Kentucky Flintlock Pistol Brass - Non-Firing Replica

This classic Kentucky Flintlock Pistol was one of the first produced in the USA in the 18th Century, and a common back-up sidearm of soldiers, militia, scouts and frontiersmen of Colonial America. The Kentucky Pistol was a classic American weapon for the early explorers, used in the American Revolutionary War (1775-1783). Often it was accompanied with a rifle of the same caliber, allowing the user to shoot the same ball of lead.

The War of Independence of the United States was a long conflict, which faced the original Thirteen British Colonies in North America against the Kingdom of Great Britain for eight and a half years, ending with the British defeat at the Battle of Yorktown and the signature Of the Treaty of Paris.

Key Features:
Early American Flintlock Pistol
Modeled After Well-Known Kentucky Rifle
Realistic Look and Feel
Stunning Wood-toned Frame with Metal Hardware
Working Lock Mechanism and Trigger
Non-Firing Replica Flintlock Pistol

Overall Length: 15 Inches
Overall Weight: 1.5 lbs

This is a non-firing replica of the original. This piece replicates the original in size, weight and appearance, and functions much like the original. However, this replica cannot be made to fire or part interchanged.

It is the customer's responsibility to check all local laws pertaining to an item before you place your order.  We are not responsible for packages confiscated due to Customs inspections.

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